3 Secret Tips on Attracting Women

A ton of books and classes give all sorts of tips on attracting women. However, most of these materials focus on cosmetic issues like appearance and technique, instead of uncovering core truths that will help any man – anywhere – to attract women. You’ve probably hoped there was some magic bullet on what to wear or what to say, but in fact it’s a combination of things. Not many, but a few keys you need to know and do.

You can connect with the woman of your dreams by incorporating 3 simple tips on attracting women into your daily interactions with the opposite sex. Really – just three.

1 – Listen

While this may seem counter-intuitive when you are looking to impress a woman with your record of accomplishment, one of the most important tips on attracting women is simply to spend more time listening to what they have to say than you do speaking.

Women communicate in a way that invites comprehensive understanding of feelings, while men tend to naturally listen for key points that will identify a problem which they can immediately get to work on fixing. Realize that women do not always want to be “fixed” but they do always want to feel understood.

Men that grasp this simple core concept attract a surprisingly larger number of women than men that ignore it.

2 – Be Yourself

Women are terrific at sensing when a man is being genuine and when he is using pick-up lines and fishing techniques. In addition, women tend to communicate by being open and vulnerable, while men tend to feel a natural urge to put their best foot forward by presenting their strengths and hiding their weaknesses.

While women do love strong men, successful men and confident men, what they ultimately love more is an authentic man that is not afraid to just be himself and let the chips fall where they may. That secret Star Trek fetish you have may very well turn a few women off, but it will turn others on. And, do you really want a woman that doesn’t love the real you in the long run? Go ahead, be yourself. Mention you favorite Trekkie insights and you may be surprised to find that women are more attracted to you than ever.

3 – Be Chivalrous

While modern culture makes it seem like a sin to open a door for a lady or pay for dinner, rest assured that women are still attracted to a chivalrous man. One of the most essential tips on attracting women is being brave enough to be a gentleman.

Remember, there really is a delicate balance between being a gentleman and being a chauvinist. In order to keep the proverbial scales from tipping, simply remember that every gentlemanly act is to serve – not control – the female. Women are quick to sense your motive and if you are genuinely chivalrous, they will be genuinely attracted to that quality.

Don’t hesitate to implement these 3 critical tips on attracting women into your everyday life. They will revolutionize your interactions with women. Begin practicing them right now and watch as your love life beings to see some real action.