Secrets to Creating Pickup Lines for Online Dating

With the Internet getting to be the prime place to find women, the face of dating has forever changed. Online dating now provides busy guys a place to meet women when you want, where you want. It seems convenience, until you realize that it’s a whole different ballgame than walking up to a girl and trying to get her number in the real world.

You would be wise to have a few pickup lines for online dating before you sign up with any given service, as this can help you to break the ice and gain the interest of women that likely have many other online suitors pursuing them intently. Three basic styles exist when it comes to pick up lines for online dating. Select the style that works best for you and then work hard to perfect your personalized pick up lines over time.


“Knock knock…”
“Who’s there…”
“Alec who?”
“Alec-tricity. Isn’t that a shock!”

While knock-knock jokes may not be the best option when it comes to pickup lines for online dating, the example should still give you an idea of how humor can start a ping-pong effect of back-and-forth online conversation that is light-hearted and flirtatious.

You may choose to break the ice with a woman by commenting on how awkward online dating is or by making a funny comment on a popular pop culture trend. Regardless of the specific brand of comedy you incorporate into your pickup lines, the point is to make her laugh and to encourage her to make a comment in return.


Most online dating sites and social networking forums allow their users to create an online profile that outlines their basic interests, goals and societal concerns. One of the best ways to come up with pickup lines for online dating is by scanning each of these profiles before beginning a conversation with any given lady. The point is to come up with a thoughtful question about the information they have provided, in order to get the ice melted and the conversational ball rolling.

Women appreciate men who are genuinely interested in what they think and feel. Therefore, if you can come up with a thoughtful comment or question to begin your online interaction with a woman, you will be way ahead of the pack in terms of winning her affection.


If you think that a woman is beautiful and you are feeling brave, you may choose to go with pickup lines for online dating that are forward and direct. Simply begin your interaction by telling the woman that you think she is beautiful. Keep it clean, as women love compliments that do not come off as sleazy. If you are sincere and confident with your compliments, most women are likely to respond favorably to your advances.

Now that you have learned some key secrets to creating online dating pickup lines, it is time to translate your knowledge into action. Get out there and try each of these three styles on various women in online settings, in order to find out which works best for you. Act now, not later.