Picking Up Women at Parties: Five Killer Strategies

Parties offer plenty of opportunities for picking up women. There’s one pretty major stumbling block that you typically have to deal with, though: getting one alone. The camaraderie of a group is well and good, but you’re not going to be leaving the party with an attractive female if you can’t chat one on one with one. The art of picking up women at parties and other gatherings is subtle; once you’ve mastered it, though, it will be yours for life. Below, you’ll find five great strategies for picking up women at parties.

#1: Ignore the Object of Your Desire

This one seems counterintuitive, but try it – it’s actually seriously effective. Once you’ve been chatting with the group that includes your ideal women for a while, make it a point to pretend that she’s not there. If other guys are included in the group, pay more attention to them than to her. Showering her with attention from the get-go is a surefire way to scare her off – and you’ll come across as a bit desperate, too.

Remember, this is once you’re already talking to a group she’s in – ignoring her from across the room isn’t acting cool, it’s letting her get away without meeting you.

#2: Approach Her Right Away

If you see a woman who you’d like to meet out on the dance floor, look over at her until she glances your way. When she does that, smile. If she smiles back, don’t waste any time – march right over and introduce yourself. Playing it coy by exchanging “meaningful glances” only works in movies; action is what will get you results.

#3: Tell Her You’d Like to Show Her Something

(Hey, het your head out of the gutter – we’re being serious here…)

After chatting with the object of your desire and the rest of the group for a while, wait for a lull in conversation. At that point, tell her you’d like to show her something. Ideally, you should have a reasonable thing to show her all lined up – even if it’s something cheesy, like the stars, it’s okay. The goal is getting her all to yourself.

#4: Be the Center of Attention

The woman who you’re after will be more amenable to hanging out with you solo if she gets the sense that you’re well-liked. When she’s present, regale the group with funny stories and jokes. By the time you ask her to step outside with you, she’ll be more than happy to do so.

#5: Ask Others if You Can Take Her Aside

Once the ice has been broken within the group – and you’ve been dutifully ignoring the woman that you like – ask the others if they mind if you take her aside for a minute. Tell them that you’d like to chat with her one-on-one. They’re sure to say yes – saying no would be rude – and she’ll be flattered.

Are you tired of not picking up women at parties? You can change your luck right now by keeping these strategies in mind. By the time the next party rolls around, you’ll be armed with strategies that will keep you from going home alone.