The Secret to Good Pick Up Lines

You’ve heard about good pick up lines, but how does it actually work in practice? Finding the right way to walk smoothly into a conversation and impress a woman with what appears to be a casual, off-hand remark takes a little practice – but it’s nothing that you can’t master.

The key to good pick up lines is that they need to sound totally off the cuff.

Imagine how you would react if someone approached you and blurted out something that sounded badly memorized. You’d be turned off and maybe a little disturbed. Now, imagine that someone turns to you, taps you gently on the shoulder, points at your drink, and says, “Is that as delicious as it looks?”

It’s an innocuous enough line, and if delivered in a relaxed tone, might just cause you to laugh. It’s friendly, but it’s not threatening. That one line can inspire an entire conversation about the drink, which is ultimately your goal. Good pick up lines lead to conversations — they aren’t ends in of themselves. The idea is to let a woman know you’re interested in her, but to give her the chance to let you know she’s interested in you, too.

It’s vital that you make a woman feel like you’ve chosen her in particular. The best way to do this is to check out the woman you are interested in before you approach her. Is she quiet? Is she talking to a large group of friends? Is she sipping her drink like she’s never had one before, or is she drinking with style and sophistication? Each of these factors will influence how she responds to a conversational opener. For a woman who’s quiet, you might want to start with a line such as, “You look like a smart cookie — have you read any good books you can recommend?” For a woman who’s busy talking to her friends, you might say, “Apparently, you are the life of the party.”

Good pick up lines are also as individual as the guy who says them. When you concentrate on sounding natural, a woman is going to pick up on your tone even more than what you’re saying, although obviously you don’t want to say anything overly offensive or suggestive. Remember, you want to get to know this woman. If you manage to come up with a clever opener but have nothing to follow it up with, you’ll be back to square one.

Being able to effortlessly spout good pick up lines means that you have to start practicing. Reading up on what’s worked in the past—and what to stay away from—is always a great place to start. Remember: sparking a conversation that gets her number gets easier, as soon as you’ve had a little practice.