The Secret to Getting Girls Phone Numbers

She’s standing at the bar, gently stirring a cocktail with a red straw. Her body is angled so that the spotlight turns her into a silhouette, the kind that winds up in fashion ads. She’s beautiful, and she knows it. In a few minutes, she’s going to be thinking about how much she wants you to call her, to the point where she not only gives you her phone number, but requests yours. How can this happen? Well, I’ll tell you.

Any man knows the thrill of meeting a beautiful woman and being overwhelmed by her overall presence. But it’s not so thrilling for beautiful women. Put yourself in her place; night after night, lusty goons approach, their mouths agape in wonder, and all she’s wishing for is a decent conversation. To get these girls phone numbers, you’re going to want to intrigue her enough so that she’ll give you hers first.

The best conversations aren’t about who knows more, or who can cite the most statistics in a row. No: the best conversations are those that are engaging, friendly, and just interesting enough to keep going. You can talk about anything—fashion, baseball, how expensive it is to park—and amaze her with your conversational facility. The trick is to constantly engage her, and be genuinely interested in what she has to say in response. As long as the beautiful woman isn’t a complete idiot, she’ll have something interesting to say.

Allow her to guide the conversation, but always be ready to step in with an observation. Keep good eye contact, but don’t stare her down. There’s a difference between being attentive and being creepy. It’s also important that you’re not too eager. A woman likes a man who can pace himself. A man who speaks too quickly, or tries to jam in a bunch of unrelated thoughts, is going to turn her off immediately. Steady, slow, and succinct; that’s the way to get her interest, and then to get the girls phone numbers.

Usually, after talking to a woman for a few minutes, I start to get a feel for her basic personality: what she likes, what she doesn’t like. I try to shift my conversation to match those likes. Remember, no need to be dishonest, but you can certainly accentuate those portions of your personality that match hers. In this way, you’re demonstrating why she would want to talk to you. As soon as she feels that you’re providing interesting company, she’s going to want to give you her phone number to continue the conversation—provided you don’t give too much away.

A girl’s phone number needs to be given in a way that she feels eager to hear from you again. Here’s the art of getting the girl’s phone number: pretend like you don’t want it. In fact, offer your phone number reluctantly. You have to imagine that you have a hot girlfriend waiting at home who you can’t wait to get back to, but that you’ve enjoyed the conversation with her enough that you wouldn’t mind talking to her again. You’ll want to stop talking to her just when the conversation is really rolling, when she’s showing signs that she’s into you.

That’s when she’ll look a little disappointed. Be casual; say something along the lines of, “Well, I can give you my phone number.”

At which point, she’ll eagerly exchange the digits. Make sure you’re very nonchalant; keep thinking about that imaginary hot girlfriend as you take the new girl’s phone number. You don’t want to be indifferent, but you want to give her the feeling that you probably have gotten a lot of girl’s phone numbers.

Once you’ve master the art of conversation, you won’t have to pretend – you’ll have a whole list of girls phone numbers.