Top Five Pieces of Dating Advice for Guys

We have all been there and we’ve all seen the struggles. Some men are tired of the dating process and some still haven’t figured it out. There are some pieces of dating advice for guys that must be followed if you want to improve your luck with good looking women out there. Successful dating might seem impossible, but it’s actually quite doable for men who put their minds to the task.

1. Casual is best

At least in the beginning, you will likely be looking to weigh the benefits of a formal date against a more relaxed date. Do you want to impress or do you want to accomplish a more relaxing atmosphere.

The answer is relatively simple, at least in the early going. Casual is always a better move, especially when choosing venue and activities. If you have made it to the dating stage, then the woman has accepted you at least a little bit. From there, she wants to get to know you. This is better accomplished in a more casual setting.

2. Stop trying so hard

We get it, you’ve got a good job. Maybe you’re a good looking guy or you have some special skill. Regardless, it’s time to stop trying so hard. You will be much better off if you just let things happen naturally. Dating advice for guys probably should start here, because it is what women look at more than anything else. They want to get to know you, but not the version of you that is constantly thrown at them. Just be yourself and let the woman discover the good things for herself.

3. Girls just want to have fun

The old song could act as the best piece of dating advice for guys. In the end, women just want to go out and have a good time. If you can show them a good time, then you will earn more and more dates. This is one of those pieces of dating advice for guys that some men just seem to miss. Your goal should be all about having a good time, and anything that takes away from that should be avoided at all costs.

4. Avoid those hot-button issues

Some people get passionate about political, religious, and moral issues. Before you know where your lady stands on these things, avoid them at all costs. You do not want to offend her before you get a chance to know her. Perhaps something has happened in her life that explains her viewpoints. These are things you will find out down the road, so don’t touch them early in the game.

5. Have no fear

Women are like sharks in a way. They can smell fear and they really aren’t attracted to it. You should not fear dating, since it’s really just a chance to have fun with another person. If you approach dating in that way, then you can get a lot out of it. Not all dates are going to work out, but if you go out there and apply these pieces of advice, you can continue to date interesting women.