Four Guaranteed Pick Up Tips for Guys

Instead of looking forward to the weekend as you know you should, you find yourself dreading it. Why? Because you’re a single guy faced with the daunting task of meeting a great woman. The task before you is challenging, but you can and you will succeed. Here are four pick up tips for dating site for middle aged that will transform your life.

1. Pick the right place.

Conventional wisdom holds that the best venue to find the girl of your dreams is in a club, and for some guys that may actually be the case. But if you’re a man who feels more comfortable in an art museum or a bookstore, chatting up ladies in a noisy bar might leave you feeling stressed and uncomfortable. And who wants to hang out with a guy who’s on edge? In short, one of the most often overlooked pick up tips for guys is that you need to find the right meeting place. Only then can you let the real you shine forth.

2. Perfect your persona.

One of the biggest challenges of the dating scene is figuring out just what kind of woman you want to get to know. Before you can even begin to learn the answer to that question, however, you must have a total lock on the persona you choose to project. Although this might sound fake and manipulative, it really isn’t. Highlighting your dominant traits to your advantage is nothing more than consciously emphasizing the real you. Before you hit the scene, take some time for soul-searching. List the qualities you know either you have or want to cultivate. Then fake it until you make it. If that means standing in front of a mirror for five minutes every day extolling your virtues, consider it time well-spent. As ridiculous as it may seem, the art of “acting as if” will soon turn into the real thing, and you will truly be the quality you have worked so hard to manufacture.

3. Don’t let your mind paralyze you.

Now that you know where you’re going and who you are, you need to recognize one of the most important of all the pick up tips for guys. Your worst enemy is not the selection of women. It’s not the lame music or your low budget. In fact, the adversary you most need to overcome lives in your own head. Your mind and the things you tell yourself can be the quicksand that paralyzes you, turning you from that confident, debonair and intelligent guy you know yourself to be into a trembling, pessimistic failure. So put your mind in its place in the passenger seat, while your intelligence drives the car. Visualize success, projecting the confident and self-sufficient guy you know yourself to be. As doubts and fears come up, cast them aside just as you would swat a fly. That’s how you relegate your mind to its proper position in this game.

4. Take action.

Okay, enough of the self-analysis and psycho-babble. You can spend all day reading pick up tips for guys – or you can go out there and do something about it. Now the ball is in your court and the power is in your hands. Unless you get out there and exercise your newly-discovered skills, you will never meet the woman you are seeking. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, you might experience some false starts and bumps in the road. Instead of viewing them as failures, think of them as opportunities to learn.

With these pick up tips for guys firmly in mind, there is absolutely no way you will remain single for long. Women will immediately be attracted by your calm strength, your sense of purpose, and your worldly insight. In fact, it won’t be long before you’re seeking advice on how to turn interested gals away… and what a day that will be!

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