How to Pickup Women Anywhere – Other than a Bar

Every guy knows it’s possible to pickup a woman at a bar. In fact, it’s pretty much a given that if you’re out club hopping on a Saturday night (or even a Wednesday), you’re hoping to at least go home with a few phone numbers. What if you learned how to pickup women in a less competitive environment?

Actually, you’d like your odds a lot better.

Maybe you’re having a streak of bad luck or a bit of a dry spell. Maybe it’s time to switch things up. Instead of trying to meet women at a bar or nightclub where your face might be blurred with those of a dozen other guys, try an approach that’s a little different.

You want to know a great place to pickup women? Try the grocery store. Totally serious here. That hot chick at the bar on Saturday night has to eat sometime … and chances are she actually has to shop for food once in awhile. You can impress a woman just as easily standing in the produce aisle as you can leaning against the bar at the hottest club in town – maybe even more easily. Why? Because you’re catching her off guard.

She’s going through her weekly grocery shopping routine, not expecting anything unusual to crop up while she’s stocking up on eggs and milk. You see her at the end of the aisle, reading a label on a box of cereal. She’s wearing sweats and one of those little t-shirts that shows off her pierced belly button. Because you know how to pickup women, you recognize this as a prime opportunity.

In a club, this woman might be on the defensive. Maybe too many guys who don’t know how to pickup women have already tried, and failed, to impress her. She’s bored and thinking of going elsewhere. If you hit on her now, chances are you’ll go down in flames.

In the grocery store it’s a different story. You approach her and she’s flattered. Compliment her cereal choice – “Hey, that’s my favorite, too.” She’ll be surprised, but she’ll probably be smiling. Remember, unlikely places are the best places. Her guard isn’t up, and it seems natural.

Now is the time to turn on the charm and use everything you know about how to pickup women. You could ask her if she shops there often. Or ask her for a recommendation on the best coffee the store sells. The important thing is to get her talking and get her interested.

Since you know how to pickup women, your next step is clear. Ask her out to dinner. Heck, offer to cook her dinner – as long as you know you can fix a meal that won’t make her sick.

Now there’s a line she’s never heard before. You’re definitely leaving with her number – or maybe even the girl.