Best Kept Secrets: How Do You Meet Women?

It’s been a long dry spell between dates and you’re sitting around your apartment with nothing to do. You came up empty last weekend when you checked out the neighborhood bar scene. Nobody at work is interesting or available. So you’re wondering, how do you meet women in this town? It’s easy, once you aim your radar in the right directions.

First of all, forget about a workplace romance. Even if there were a likely suspect, there’s no way you’ll want to face a former romantic interest at the office once the flames have cooled down. Don’t lose your job over a woman – after you’re done with what you’re going to learn here, you’ll do plenty well in all kinds of other places …

You can certainly give the area nightclubs a few more tries, but man, if that’s all you’re doing to meet women, you are working way too hard! Why approach a woman you find attractive with nothing to recommend you but the fact you have the cojones to introduce yourself?

How do you meet women? One virtually hassle-free way is to hook up through friends or family. Hanging out with a group of your best buds at a backyard barbecue is a natural way to get introduced to their girlfriends’ friends, their sisters or their sister’s friends. Most of the time all you have to do is ask – do they know anyone single? It’s amazing to me how often guys

Being a part of a casual group just kicking back and having fun is a great chance to scope out the possibilities without having to carry the entire conversation, like you do when you meet a new woman one-on-one.

Plus, you have the support of your friends who can verify what a great, stand-up guy you are, should you meet a woman and the two of you hit it off.

You can vary the scene of this “how do you meet women” method by getting into some organized group action. Stop being a couch spud and get involved again in activities that you enjoy. You’ll meet new people who share your interests, including plenty of active women.

If you’re a jock, join a sports league or a gym. Jack and Jill soccer, for example, brings you in contact with plenty of guys and women around your age who share an interest in the sport. You never know–the woman who blocks your extra point might make a great Saturday night date.

If you’re a brain, join a book club–plenty of women do. Take a cooking class or try out for a part in a play. They key is finding that sweet spot where your chosen pursuit intersects with where the women are.

You’ve probably figured out that staying at home isn’t working. How do you meet women? By getting reacquainted and spending time with old friends, and getting back to doing the things you love.

Don’t waste another day. Get inspired. Go out, have fun, and meet some women!