Discoveries on How 2 Meet Women – in Public Places

Many guys find it difficult to make genuine connections with women in meat markets such as the local bar. If you are after a real relationship with the girl of your dreams, it is time to learn how 2 meet women in public places around your local community. While discoveries on how 2 meet women in public places elude the majority of most men, these 3 keys to doing just that will put you above the curve and well on your way toward finding true love.

1 – Volunteer

No matter how busy your schedule, you would be wise to volunteer in your community at least once or twice a month. Volunteering is a secret strategy on how 2 meet women that helps you to connect with ladies in your region without the pressure of having to “close the deal” in a few moments, before the next single cruises your lady at the bar. Do something good for the community while at the same time searching out a woman that you can respect. Make sure to volunteer for causes that you believe in, so that you can connect with women that share your passions and societal concerns.

Remember, it is not enough to simply volunteer. Once you are at your service location, it is imperative that you approach women and start friendly conversations with them throughout the course of the day. Be sure to ask ladies quality questions about their interests and be careful to always listen more than you speak. Women love to feel understood and when you listen intently, it is incredibly attractive to them.

2 – Go Shopping

You may not believe it at first, but grocery stores really are a secret weapon in mens’ artillery of how 2 meet women in public places. Linger in the produce section and strike up a conversation with a lady over ripe apples and oranges. Pick a spot in a long line right behind an attractive female that is not wearing a wedding ring.

The great thing about meeting women while shopping is the fact that your opening lines will not come off as cheap pick up tactics. Simply comment on how long the lines are these days or ask a pretty lady where the milk aisle is and then strike up short conversation to gauge her interest level. If a genuine spark occurs, you can finish your shopping together or exchange information after paying for your groceries.

3 – Check Out the Library

Not only is the library a way to meet women in public places; it is also a great place to get free books, videos and CDs. In addition to starting up a (quiet) conversation in a library aisle, you might also consider signing up for one of the many seminars and trainings that the library hosts on a regular basis. This is a terrific way to meet women that share your interests and goals.

Now that you have made some key discoveries on how 2 meet women in public places, it is time to take action. Get out there today and start meeting women that have the potential to become your next love interest.