Four Guaranteed Pick Up Tips for Guys

Instead of looking forward to the weekend as you know you should, you find yourself dreading it. Why? Because you’re a single guy faced with the daunting task of meeting a great woman. The task before you is challenging, but you can and you will succeed. Here are four pick up tips for guys that will transform your life.

1. Pick the right place.

Conventional wisdom holds that the best venue to find the girl of your dreams is in a club, and for some guys that may actually be the case. But if you’re a man who feels more comfortable in an art museum or a bookstore, chatting up ladies in a noisy bar might leave you feeling stressed and uncomfortable. And who wants to hang out with a guy who’s on edge? In short, one of the most often overlooked pick up tips for guys is that you need to find the right meeting place. Only then can you let the real you shine forth.

2. Perfect your persona.

One of the biggest challenges of the dating scene is figuring out just what kind of woman you want to get to know. Before you can even begin to learn the answer to that question, however, you must have a total lock on the persona you choose to project. Although this might sound fake and manipulative, it really isn’t. Highlighting your dominant traits to your advantage is nothing more than consciously emphasizing the real you. Before you hit the scene, take some time for soul-searching. List the qualities you know either you have or want to cultivate. Then fake it until you make it. If that means standing in front of a mirror for five minutes every day extolling your virtues, consider it time well-spent. As ridiculous as it may seem, the art of “acting as if” will soon turn into the real thing, and you will truly be the quality you have worked so hard to manufacture.

3. Don’t let your mind paralyze you.

Now that you know where you’re going and who you are, you need to recognize one of the most important of all the pick up tips for guys. Your worst enemy is not the selection of women. It’s not the lame music or your low budget. In fact, the adversary you most need to overcome lives in your own head. Your mind and the things you tell yourself can be the quicksand that paralyzes you, turning you from that confident, debonair and intelligent guy you know yourself to be into a trembling, pessimistic failure. So put your mind in its place in the passenger seat, while your intelligence drives the car. Visualize success, projecting the confident and self-sufficient guy you know yourself to be. As doubts and fears come up, cast them aside just as you would swat a fly. That’s how you relegate your mind to its proper position in this game.

4. Take action.

Okay, enough of the self-analysis and psycho-babble. You can spend all day reading pick up tips for guys – or you can go out there and do something about it. Now the ball is in your court and the power is in your hands. Unless you get out there and exercise your newly-discovered skills, you will never meet the woman you are seeking. Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, you might experience some false starts and bumps in the road. Instead of viewing them as failures, think of them as opportunities to learn.

With these pick up tips for guys firmly in mind, there is absolutely no way you will remain single for long. Women will immediately be attracted by your calm strength, your sense of purpose, and your worldly insight. In fact, it won’t be long before you’re seeking advice on how to turn interested gals away… and what a day that will be!

Looking for a Place to Pick Up Women?

If you’d like to find a place to pick up women, you’ll need to do a little research. In order to find an appropriate woman, you have to look in the right place. The right place is anywhere you find women.

There’s really no mystery involved when trying to find a place to pick up women. You won’t find many at the YMCA, and the women you do find there will likely be the object of every guy’s desire. So, as part of finding a place to pick up women, you must find a place with a better ratio of women to men than your local YMCA.

One of the most obvious places is a bar or nightclub. A local bar setting gives you time to establish your personality and get to know the women who go there. That can help you in the long run. If you play a little pool with the women, tell a few jokes, and stay honest, you’ll probably find someone to pick up.

A larger, nicer nightclub is good if you’re trying to take a less personal approach. Some women just want to spend the night with a nice guy. Some want a guy who’s going to keep things in perspective and not try to push a relationship. Try to get an idea of the kind of guy that the woman you’re talking to wants to find. If you’re that guy, proceed. If not, move along to someone else.

Of course, bars have their drawbacks. If you don’t drink or smoke, you may not wish to hang out in a bar. Plus women who drink may not appeal to you. In that case, try looking around you. Women are everywhere.

One well-noted place to pick up women is the grocery store. Single women have to eat, so they have to buy food. You can usually tell a married woman from a single woman by what’s in their shopping cart. If the cart is packed full of steaks and milk and family items, you’ve probably found a married woman.

Women are in the store for an extended period. If you see one you like, don’t be shy. Ask her why she chooses one brand of peanut butter over another. Ask her if she knows where the shoe polish is located. Ask her how to prepare fillet mignon. If she seems to like you, ask her to share dinner with you.

The best place to find women is wherever they congregate. Check the local paper for events women would enjoy. Attend them and be on the lookout for someone who may also be on the lookout. Be proactive. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

Where to Pick Up Women: Seven Surprising Places

If you were to ask most of your guy friends where to pick up women, most of them would probably tell you to hang out at the bar more often. After all, alcohol flows freely there – and alcohol lowers those pesky inhibitions. The truth is, though, that the bar really isn’t where to pick up women – at least not the decent ones. If you want a real shot at landing an attractive, interesting woman, there are plenty of better options; seven of them are outlined below.

At The Beach

Many women hang out at the beach in order to meet new people. Get involved in beach volleyball or some other group activity; if your local beach has a snack bar, hang out there. Before you know it, you’ll run into plenty of worthwhile women.

During Volunteer Activities

Giving back to the community is a great thing to do. It’s great for everyone – and comes with one great added bonus: It puts you in contact with plenty of eligible women. Women love a guy who gives back, and also are drawn to community activities themselves. Those women will automatically have great impressions of you, too, by virtue of the fact that you’re volunteering.

At the Bookstore

Reading is about as wholesome of an activity as you can find. Educated women are sexy, and they often look for eligible bachelors at local bookstores. Get yourself a frequent readers card and get into the habit of hitting the bookshelves.

At the Gym

If physical fitness isn’t a top priority of yours, there’s never been a better time to change that. Sign up for a gym membership; the huge number of hot women who you’ll see at the gym will keep you coming back again and again. You’ll get into phenomenal shape and get to hang out with stunning women.

At the Dog Park

It’s nice having an easy conversation topic on hand when meeting women. Dogs are great for that, so adopt a pooch and become a regular at the local dog park. On the list of where to pick up women, this is a slam-dunk.

At the Grocery Store

Whether you live in a big city, a suburb or even a rural area, there should be a relatively high-end grocery store somewhere nearby. Find it and hit it up on a regular basis. Fancy grocery stores usually have coffee bars and other places where you can mingle with others – and many women zero in on grocery stores for meeting new men.


If you’re lucky enough to have an IKEA near you, stop in a few times a month. Sure, it’s a furniture store – but it’s also a place where people hang out and interact. Besides, it has a cafe, a restaurant and a snack bar. In no time flat, you’ll have collected plenty of phone numbers.

You’re not going to meet new women by sitting at home every day and every night. Keep this list of where to pick up women in mind and get into the habit of frequenting these places. Get out there and take charge of your dating destiny today!

How You (Yes, You) Can Get Any Woman

Most guys think there is some cap on the type of woman they can have. They mistakenly believe that there are women who are outside of their reach. The truth of the matter is that you can get any woman if you know what you are doing. You might not be able to get any woman using your current approach, but there are ways to go about improving your approach with women.

1. Don’t put her on a pedestal

For too many guys out there, the problem is everything to do with mindset. You put certain women up so high in your mind that they aren’t even people anymore. You think of them like you might think of a Goddess, and your attitude reflects this. Whether you realize it or not, your behavior will reflect this viewpoint. They will know that you hold them in high regard. If you want to get any woman, you need to recognize that they are just as human as you are.

2. Try to understand women a little better

You need to try and get inside a woman’s head and think from her perspective. Though it might not seem like the case, women need men, too. They are out on the hunt just like you are. The difference is that women are a bit more subtle and they are much better at the game. If you go out into the dating world with this philosophy then you will no longer be intimidated.

3. “Hard to get” is the right way

Have you ever heard a buddy talking about how to play the game? Maybe he uses the phrase “playing hard to get”. This is one way of putting a relatively simple idea. That idea is that you can’t just be available to women when they want you. They have to think you are a challenge, because women love a good challenge. This is especially true with extremely attractive women, because they have plenty of guys willing to roll over for them. If you want to be able to get any woman, then you need to learn how to play the game and make them chase you.

4. Stop doing stupid things

When you try too hard, you start doing stupid things and saying even stupider things. You can NOT approach a woman in the bar and nervously tell her you’ve noticed her all night. You can’t call a woman immediately after you get her number. Women aren’t like you, and think about how you would feel if you were in her shoes. Get out of your head, and into the head of the woman you’re approaching… Think about how your approach (by a total stranger to her!) will sound.

You can get any woman if you will let your natural abilities take over and if you will get out of your own way. Do these things and you’ll have a great chance to get even the hottest woman in the future.

Secrets to Creating Pickup Lines for Online Dating

With the Internet getting to be the prime place to find women, the face of dating has forever changed. Online dating now provides busy guys a place to meet women when you want, where you want. It seems convenient, until you realize that it’s a whole different ballgame than walking up to a girl and trying to get her number in the real world.

You would be wise to have a few pickup lines for online dating before you sign up with any given service, as this can help you to break the ice and gain the interest of women that likely have many other online suitors pursuing them intently. Three basic styles exist when it comes to pick up lines for online dating. Select the style that works best for you and then work hard to perfect your personalized pick up lines over time.


“Knock knock…”
“Who’s there…”
“Alec who?”
“Alec-tricity. Isn’t that a shock!”

While knock-knock jokes may not be the best option when it comes to pickup lines for online dating (ok, in fact they can be lame), the example should still give you an idea of how humor can start a ping-pong effect of back-and-forth online conversation that is light-hearted and flirtatious.

You may choose to break the ice with a woman by commenting on how awkward online dating is or by making a funny comment on a popular pop culture trend. Regardless of the specific brand of comedy you incorporate into your pickup lines, the point is to make her laugh and to encourage her to make a comment in return.


Most online dating sites and social networking forums allow their users to create an online profile that outlines their basic interests, goals and societal concerns. One of the best ways to come up with pickup lines for online dating is by scanning each of these profiles before beginning a conversation with any given lady. The point is to come up with a thoughtful question about the information they have provided, in order to get the ice melted and the conversational ball rolling.

Women appreciate men who are genuinely interested in what they think and feel. Therefore, if you can come up with a thoughtful comment or question to begin your online interaction with a woman, you will be way ahead of the pack in terms of winning her affection.


If you think that a woman is beautiful and you are feeling brave, you may choose to go with pickup lines for online dating that are forward and direct. Simply begin your interaction by telling the woman that you think she is beautiful. Keep it clean, as women love compliments that do not come off as sleazy. If you are sincere and confident with your compliments, most women are likely to respond favorably to your advances.

Now that you have learned some key secrets to creating online dating pickup lines, it is time to translate your knowledge into action. Get out there and try each of these three styles on various women in online settings, in order to find out which works best for you. Act now, not later.

3 Secret Tips on Attracting Women

A ton of books and classes give all sorts of tips on attracting women. However, most of these materials focus on cosmetic issues like appearance and technique, instead of uncovering core truths that will help any man – anywhere – to attract women. You’ve probably hoped there was some magic bullet on what to wear or what to say, but in fact it’s a combination of things. Not many, but a few keys you need to know and do.

You can connect with the woman of your dreams by incorporating 3 simple tips on attracting women into your daily interactions with the opposite sex. Really – just three.

1 – Listen

While this may seem counter-intuitive when you are looking to impress a woman with your record of accomplishment, one of the most important tips on attracting women is simply to spend more time listening to what they have to say than you do speaking.

Women communicate in a way that invites comprehensive understanding of feelings, while men tend to naturally listen for key points that will identify a problem which they can immediately get to work on fixing. Realize that women do not always want to be “fixed” but they do always want to feel understood.

Men that grasp this simple core concept attract a surprisingly larger number of women than men that ignore it.

2 – Be Yourself

Women are terrific at sensing when a man is being genuine and when he is using pick-up lines and fishing techniques. In addition, women tend to communicate by being open and vulnerable, while men tend to feel a natural urge to put their best foot forward by presenting their strengths and hiding their weaknesses.

While women do love strong men, successful men and confident men, what they ultimately love more is an authentic man that is not afraid to just be himself and let the chips fall where they may. That secret Star Trek fetish you have may very well turn a few women off, but it will turn others on. And, do you really want a woman that doesn’t love the real you in the long run? Go ahead, be yourself. Mention you favorite Trekkie insights and you may be surprised to find that women are more attracted to you than ever.

3 – Be Chivalrous

While modern culture makes it seem like a sin to open a door for a lady or pay for dinner, rest assured that women are still attracted to a chivalrous man. One of the most essential tips on attracting women is being brave enough to be a gentleman.

Remember, there really is a delicate balance between being a gentleman and being a chauvinist. In order to keep the proverbial scales from tipping, simply remember that every gentlemanly act is to serve – not control – the female. Women are quick to sense your motive and if you are genuinely chivalrous, they will be genuinely attracted to that quality.

Don’t hesitate to implement these 3 critical tips on attracting women into your everyday life. They will revolutionize your interactions with women. Begin practicing them right now and watch as your love life beings to see some real action.

The Five Ultimate Keys to Attracting Women

Attracting women might seem impossible to you, but there are a LOT of ways to make it much easier.

If you are like most guys then you struggle with some self-confidence issues and an innate fear of rejection. I know I did. You put women on a pedestal and forget that they’re looking for men, too. With that in mind, here are some methods for attracting women that you can use to make the game much easier.

1. Whatever you do, do it with confidence

If there is one word you need to know the most about attracting women, it’s “confidence”. If you’ve got it, you are ahead of the game because most people just don’t. Women value this, and they look to you to be a strong force. Even if you are feeling a little bit shaky, know that women don’t want you to be perfect. They just want you to stand up straight and speak with a purpose.

2. Meet them on their level

One of the biggest problems that men make when trying to attract women is talking about themselves too much. You have to meet a woman at her level, and show that you are interested in her. So rarely do men let women talk about themselves that doing it will earn you big points in today’s dating world. There is a thin line that you must walk when doing this, though.

3. Interested, but not too interested

Like with all things concerning women, there is very little black and white here. We are dealing with shades of gray, and if you want to have success attracting women, you will have to accept this. Though it pays to be legitimately interested in women, you can’t be “too” interested. Women are turned off by guys who are constantly into them. Make sure you keep your distance a little bit if you want to be successful.

4. Who can be funny?

You don’t have to be Jerry Seinfeld to attract women. Anybody can be funny, and this is something that will help you more than almost anything else. Women love to laugh, almost across the board. Women who don’t love to laugh should be off your radar anyway. Don’t try too hard with jokes, but be legitimately witty. This will take off the edge and women will let their guard down a little bit more.

5. Who is the fun guy?

If you want to attract women, then you need to be fun. This is not to say that you have to be the life of the party. Much to the contrary, it will suffice for you to just be genuinely enjoyable to be around. If you can pull this off, then you have a chance to get out there and attract many more women.

Discoveries on How 2 Meet Women – in Public Places

Many guys find it difficult to make genuine connections with women in meat markets such as the local bar. If you are after a real relationship with the girl of your dreams, it is time to learn how 2 meet women in public places around your local community. While discoveries on how 2 meet women in public places elude the majority of most men, these 3 keys to doing just that will put you above the curve and well on your way toward finding true love.

1 – Volunteer

No matter how busy your schedule, you would be wise to volunteer in your community at least once or twice a month. Volunteering is a secret strategy on how 2 meet women that helps you to connect with ladies in your region without the pressure of having to “close the deal” in a few moments, before the next single cruises your lady at the bar. Do something good for the community while at the same time searching out a woman that you can respect. Make sure to volunteer for causes that you believe in, so that you can connect with women that share your passions and societal concerns.

Remember, it is not enough to simply volunteer. Once you are at your service location, it is imperative that you approach women and start friendly conversations with them throughout the course of the day. Be sure to ask ladies quality questions about their interests and be careful to always listen more than you speak. Women love to feel understood and when you listen intently, it is incredibly attractive to them.

2 – Go Shopping

You may not believe it at first, but grocery stores really are a secret weapon in mens’ artillery of how 2 meet women in public places. Linger in the produce section and strike up a conversation with a lady over ripe apples and oranges. Pick a spot in a long line right behind an attractive female that is not wearing a wedding ring.

The great thing about meeting women while shopping is the fact that your opening lines will not come off as cheap pick up tactics. Simply comment on how long the lines are these days or ask a pretty lady where the milk aisle is and then strike up short conversation to gauge her interest level. If a genuine spark occurs, you can finish your shopping together or exchange information after paying for your groceries.

3 – Check Out the Library

Not only is the library a way to meet women in public places; it is also a great place to get free books, videos and CDs. In addition to starting up a (quiet) conversation in a library aisle, you might also consider signing up for one of the many seminars and trainings that the library hosts on a regular basis. This is a terrific way to meet women that share your interests and goals.

Now that you have made some key discoveries on how 2 meet women in public places, it is time to take action. Get out there today and start meeting women that have the potential to become your next love interest.

The Secret to Good Pick Up Lines

You’ve heard about good pick up lines, but how does it actually work in practice? Finding the right way to walk smoothly into a conversation and impress a woman with what appears to be a casual, off-hand remark takes a little practice – but it’s nothing that you can’t master.

The key to good pick up lines is that they need to sound totally off the cuff.

Imagine how you would react if someone approached you and blurted out something that sounded badly memorized. You’d be turned off and maybe a little disturbed. Now, imagine that someone turns to you, taps you gently on the shoulder, points at your drink, and says, “Is that as delicious as it looks?”

It’s an innocuous enough line, and if delivered in a relaxed tone, might just cause you to laugh. It’s friendly, but it’s not threatening. That one line can inspire an entire conversation about the drink, which is ultimately your goal. Good pick up lines lead to conversations — they aren’t ends in of themselves. The idea is to let a woman know you’re interested in her, but to give her the chance to let you know she’s interested in you, too.

It’s vital that you make a woman feel like you’ve chosen her in particular. The best way to do this is to check out the woman you are interested in before you approach her. Is she quiet? Is she talking to a large group of friends? Is she sipping her drink like she’s never had one before, or is she drinking with style and sophistication? Each of these factors will influence how she responds to a conversational opener. For a woman who’s quiet, you might want to start with a line such as, “You look like a smart cookie — have you read any good books you can recommend?” For a woman who’s busy talking to her friends, you might say, “Apparently, you are the life of the party.”

Good pick up lines are also as individual as the guy who says them. When you concentrate on sounding natural, a woman is going to pick up on your tone even more than what you’re saying, although obviously you don’t want to say anything overly offensive or suggestive. Remember, you want to get to know this woman. If you manage to come up with a clever opener but have nothing to follow it up with, you’ll be back to square one.

Being able to effortlessly spout good pick up lines means that you have to start practicing. Reading up on what’s worked in the past—and what to stay away from—is always a great place to start. Remember: sparking a conversation that gets her number gets easier, as soon as you’ve had a little practice.

How to Pickup Women Anywhere – Other than a Bar

Every guy knows it’s possible to pickup a woman at a bar. In fact, it’s pretty much a given that if you’re out club hopping on a Saturday night (or even a Wednesday), you’re hoping to at least go home with a few phone numbers. What if you learned how to pickup women in a less competitive environment?

Actually, you’d like your odds a lot better.

Maybe you’re having a streak of bad luck or a bit of a dry spell. Maybe it’s time to switch things up. Instead of trying to meet women at a bar or nightclub where your face might be blurred with those of a dozen other guys, try an approach that’s a little different.

You want to know a great place to pickup women? Try the grocery store. Totally serious here. That hot chick at the bar on Saturday night has to eat sometime … and chances are she actually has to shop for food once in awhile. You can impress a woman just as easily standing in the produce aisle as you can leaning against the bar at the hottest club in town – maybe even more easily. Why? Because you’re catching her off guard.

She’s going through her weekly grocery shopping routine, not expecting anything unusual to crop up while she’s stocking up on eggs and milk. You see her at the end of the aisle, reading a label on a box of cereal. She’s wearing sweats and one of those little t-shirts that shows off her pierced belly button. Because you know how to pickup women, you recognize this as a prime opportunity.

In a club, this woman might be on the defensive. Maybe too many guys who don’t know how to pickup women have already tried, and failed, to impress her. She’s bored and thinking of going elsewhere. If you hit on her now, chances are you’ll go down in flames.

In the grocery store it’s a different story. You approach her and she’s flattered. Compliment her cereal choice – “Hey, that’s my favorite, too.” She’ll be surprised, but she’ll probably be smiling. Remember, unlikely places are the best places. Her guard isn’t up, and it seems natural.

Now is the time to turn on the charm and use everything you know about how to pickup women. You could ask her if she shops there often. Or ask her for a recommendation on the best coffee the store sells. The important thing is to get her talking and get her interested.

Since you know how to pickup women, your next step is clear. Ask her out to dinner. Heck, offer to cook her dinner – as long as you know you can fix a meal that won’t make her sick.

Now there’s a line she’s never heard before. You’re definitely leaving with her number – or maybe even the girl.